The financial market of anonymous orders with the continuous trading auction and full advanced deposit of assets. Trading is conducted in cryptocurrency pairs with real-time execution and settlement.

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The price-driven market or quotes market, where trading is conducted by the market makers to support cryptocurrency units and assets based on the digital coupons in exchange for fiat money. The settlement is carried out via the Central counterparty once a day.

Last price 24h 24h High 24h Low Volume 24h

GectaExchange applies traditional financial mechanisms in creating new services on the cryptocurrency market and is a part of GectaDealing global ecosystem.


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For trading on GectaExchange please install trader's terminal.


GectaExchange at the core of the global financial system GectaDealing supporting market liquidity of the cryptocurrency instruments issued on GectaHPC BlockChain platform
Serving as an Auction organizer for the stock quasi-market, where the role of the Depository and cryptocurrency securities (cryptocurrency bonds, bills, derivatives) issue secured by Blockchain technology
PayChi payment system supporting trading without advanced or full assets lock. All markets in one place, with continuous orders automatic activation system as a result of the previous closed orders and multiformat API for connecting trading terminals for brokers and trading robots